Tenshindo Aikibudo

Tenshindo™ Aiki Budo 天神道 合気武道

Settore Nazionale Aikibudo CSEN

Modern Japanese Martial Art

Arte Marziale Educativa per tutti

(riconosciuta dal Vice Ministro della Difesa Giappponese)




Alfonso Torregrossa Kaiso


is first generation Kaiso 開祖 (founder) of Tenshindo 天神道. He started training in Jujutsu in 1974, and founded the Tenshindo style of Gendai Budo in January 2014


I started martial Arts when I was three years old and I chose to do what I liked: and what I liked was the martial art.

Today, 2014, after 40 years of practice . I live fully in the Martial Arts practice and study with the utmost freedom, always like a student, sometimes like a teacher, away from all the political associations with commercial interests.

I don't care headlines but facts. I don't need to feel someone .. who knows me knows who I am .... my school and my martiality, is the stand out from the crowd, is the natural consequence of a transparent approach to life, to themselves and to others. I live in peace!

Alfonso Torregrossa















Alfonso Torregrossa -sōshihan is a professional martial artist and world-renowned instructor of Jujutsu -Aikido and goshinjutsu (護身術; self-defense techniques) and taihojutsu (逮捕術; arresting techniques).


He is also known as the founder and chief instructor of Tenshindo , a modern system of traditional samurai studying the theory and applied principles of aikidō, aikibujutsu, goshinjutsu , and in general as a martial artist of extraordinary background and surpassing dedication and skill. In addition, he has received widespread recognition for his efforts toward reviving traditional and effective martial arts practice, which has had lasting influence on the martial arts community. Alfonso Torregrossa has studied martial arts, philosophy and language for 40 years.


The Tenshindo world headquarters and principal school is located in Caltanissetta - Sicily / Italy . There, Alfonso-sōshihan also teaches other traditional samurai arts, Aikido

Prospective visitors to the Honbu Dōjō (main school) in Caltanissetta are welcome to make an appointment to view a class through the contact information.



Alfonso Torregrossa , Nisseno , praticante ma soprattutto studioso, di arti marziali da 40 anni . Si è specializzato sotto i migliori maestri, sia in Europa che in Oriente . Si dedica oggi a tempo pieno all’insegnamento marziale .


Possiede , e vi sono titoli ufficiali che testimoniano ciò, il grado di esperto in Budo, è membro ufficiale di molte federazioni internazionali, fra le quali la :

Dai Nippon Butokukai di Kyoto , SIAF Shioda International Aikido Federation, AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO Tokyo. World Sokyokushin Japan .


Ad oggi risulta depositario di una forte cultura tradizionale Giapponese frutto dei suoi studi nell’arte del Bushido.


E' stato insignito di un'onorificenza speciale dal Vice Ministro della difesa giapponese per il suo grande lavoro nella divulgazione del Budo Giapponese in tutto il mondo .


Fondatore del Tenshindo la via dell'iluminazione , arte marziale moderna riconosciuta in Giappone dalla International Martial Arts & Culture Federation e dal Vice Ministro della Difesa Giapponese


-Jujutsu 6° dan member Dai Nippon Butokukai Kyoto Japan

-Aikido Shodan Aikikai Tokyo

-Aikido 3° dan Siaf Shioda Tokyo e Dai Nippon Butokukai di Kyoto

-SoKyokushin 1°dan Japan

-Master Teacher Kapap - Krav Maga Ika Israele

-Resp.Tecnico Nazionale Kapap Krav Maga Csen

- 5° dan Aikibudo Csen, Resp. Tecnico Nazionale Aikibudo CSEN

Uruwashiki Kono Ametsuchi No Misugata Wa Nushi No Tsukurishi Ikka Narikeri

“Questo bellissimo mondo e’ Dio che l’ha fatto per noi, proprio come una famiglia”



Be our representative


Tenshindo is a form of Modern Budo, or Japanese martial arts, created by Alfonso Torregrossa and Sensei Fujioka Totozo , Torregrossa studied and mastered many different schools of Budo in Japan. Tenshindo is the real way of Budo .


Ranking in Tenshindo is based on the older, traditional system without the usage of the modern Dan and Kyu rankings. Being a great student and being a great instructor are two different things, and therefore student ranks and instructor ranks are tested and awarded separately.


The Honbu Dojo – the World Headquarters for Tenshindo is located in Sicily -Caltanissetta , Italy . Under the guidance of Alfonso Torregrossa -kaiso, our school teaches the traditional fighting arts of the samurai.


Tenshindo Bugei Budo is willing to teach anyone interested in learning Gendai Budo Martial Arts . We allow martial arts instructors to learn and teach Tenshindo and actually be the representatives of tenshindo in their country.


Be our representative - the benefits


As a representative of Tenshindo you can be a part of modern Budo organization and be recognized as the representative of the Tenshindo - Bugei Budo method. Also all your students will be recognized as students in Tenshindo .


Come and join us and be part of the skilled Tenshindo NPO


+39 380 3101373








Diploma di riconoscimento di Soshihan e di Kaiso - Creatore del Tenshindo al Maestro Alfonso Torregrossa rilasciato dalla International Martial Arts & Culture Federation NPO firmato da GM Yokoyama e dal Vice Ministro della Difesa Giapponese Shigeo Oomae

Membership & Ranking Opportunities



Becoming a member of Tenshindo Kai makes you a part of a world-wide organization devoted to the growth of Tenshindo budo and to ensuring that this unique art is not lost.


Individuals and groups may benefit from joining the Tenshindo Kai by becoming involved in a network of dedicated martial artists interested in studying and promoting this art.



The Tenshido Kai provides a specific path of knowledge, training and ranking in Tenshindo Budo . Please contact us to discuss your current experience and intentions. We will do our best to assist you to further yourself in Tenshindo with both knowledge and rank promotion.

Regalo da parte del Sensei Shioda - Yoshinkan Aikido per il M°Torregrossa

Tenshindo - Kamon significato del logo

- il cerchio grande , il cammino del praticante che decide di percorrere il lungo cammino marziale ;

- il glicine (Fuji) rappresenta il passato con la Sato Ryu Jujutsu (scuola del glicine ) e sopratutto un legame con il Maestro Fujioka

- i tre cerchi rappresentano : l'allievo , il maestro , la vita ; il legame reciproco che vincola l'allievo col maestro che ha scelto di seguire il suo percorso con umiltà e dedizione indissolubile che lega alla vita .

Il Kamon del Tenshindo è il cammino del praticante che segue con costanza il suo Maestro per la vita e per trovare un giorno la grande illuminazione . Legati da un vincolo invisibile eppure inestricabile.


Armored Samurai Battle Association


Certificate of Shinan-Yaku


You paid much effort to train martial arts.We recognize that you are the samurai who can do a great contribution at the Armored Samurai battle.

We give you the title of " Shinan-Yaku (Captain of the Samurai)" and Regular member Kaiso SoShihan Tenshindo Aiki Budo




天神道 合気武道

新武道・天神道(てんじんどう)は、アルフォンソ・トレグロッサ総師範により創設さ れた近代マーシャル・アーツです。






天神道の修練過程に於いては、現今の昇段昇級制度を用いない伝統的な制度を採用しております。「善き弟子」と「善き指導者」になることとは本来異なる道であり、即ち、それぞれの特 性に応じた修練方法が用意されるべきです。










NPO 法人・天神道は貴殿のご参加をお待ち申し上げております!


+39 380 3101373

Se una persona è onesta, virtuosa e fedele, cammina verso il sentiero dell'illuminazione Tenshindo 天神道 . Quando lo si fa, si segue la volontà di Dio .


If a person is honest, virtuous and faithful, he walking "the path of enlightenment "

Tenshindo 天神道. When you do it, you follow the will the gods



Il massimo riconoscimento ufficiale dal Giappone

"Dai Nippon Butoku Kai"

GM Alfonso Torregrossa - Jujutsu 6 dan !

La Dai Nippon Butoku Kai è la prima, e la più prestigiosa, organizzazione fondata in Giappone per preservare le arti marziali tradizionali ed il loro contenuto etico-filosofico.

Essa fu voluta dallo stesso Imperatore Meiji nella seconda metà del 1800 e, per tale motivo, assunse subito il ruolo di punto di riferimento per la conservazione della cultura delle antiche arti marziali.


Official Member : Grand Master Alfonso Torregrossa